Property Management Advice for New Professionals

Property Management Advice for New ProfessionalsIn the theater world, it’s called stage fright. In love, you might say someone has “butterflies” or “the jitters.” If you’re starting a new job, especially in a management role, you may feel nervous, excited, or anxious, too.

When we’re new to something, aside from gaining the experience ourselves, the next best thing we can do to get comfortable is to ask for tips from someone who’s been there.

Property management advice, like so much other advice, is about as common as popcorn at a movie. But as helpful as Uncle Rob tries to be with his tip about using duct tape to cover the hole in the roof so you can save money, all the advice you’re given isn’t always helpful. The property management advice shared here is gleaned from some of the best in the business to help new management professionals know what to expect, and how to prepare for a successful career in condo property management.

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7 Property Management Tips That Will Get You a Raise

7 Property Management Tips That Will Get You a RaiseTry these property management tips when working toward a better salary

A raise sounds good, doesn’t it? You work hard. You’re in the office daily, on the phone late, checking on emergency repairs over the weekend, and making sure the property you are responsible for is in top shape. But it’s been some time since you’ve had a salary increase. Let’s change that.

These property management tips will help you take the fear and uncertainty out of negotiating a raise. Think about it; you negotiate all the time in your job. When you get bids for any construction work or when you plan community events you’re negotiating. You may be negotiating with different people’s schedules or with the association’s funds, but you’re still conducting business and trying to find something that works for all the parties involved. [Read more…]