7 Ways Condo Landscaping Can Increase Your Occupancy Rate

ways condo landscaping can increase your occupancy rate

You’ll see the return on your investment when you spend money and time on condo landscaping

Take a moment to picture yourself in a beautiful location. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

What does that location look like for you? Is it filled with the beauty of nature? Are there water features or colorful trees? Now, think: how would you like to live there?

Creative condo landscaping can do just that for you; it will allow your prospective residents to picture themselves living in an ideal, beautiful location. In fact, the right landscaping can and will help you increase your occupancy rate.

Well manicured design increases curb appeal. So when it’s time to sell, your condo dwellers will be able to get a higher return on their investment as compared to condo owners living in a poorly landscaped community.

Likewise, condo landscaping can attract buyers, which leads to higher demand and a higher occupancy rate for the property you manage.

Here are seven things to consider when using condo landscaping to make your property the most longed for investment.

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How To Be A Good Property Manager That Residents Love

how to be a good property manager | EvercondoWondering how to be a good property manager? Being respectful, organized, and efficient will make residents and your management company love you!

If residents aren’t high-fiving you every time you show up to the property you manage, there’s work to do. Whether you’ve been working as a property manager for most of your career, or you’re new to the field, you can always improve.

But how do you know what skills or personality traits equal success? Do you know how to be a good property manager? What does it mean to be good, even great?

To start, treat different properties according to their specific needs. If you previously were the property manager for an apartment complex and are now working for a condominium management company, your residents and their needs will be different. So will contracts, bylaws, and many other factors.

Identify the differences, and you’re on the right track for becoming one of the best property managers in your area.

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