How Your Condo Concierge Can Suddenly Make Your Life Better

condo conciergeYour condo concierge has more to offer than you may think!

Friday is coming to an end. You’re working hard to meet your deadlines and finish that report, so you don’t have to think about it over the weekend. Yes, you’re working late, but that’s okay, you’ve got a long weekend ahead with nothing to do but relax and enjoy a movie, or maybe even meet some friends out for drinks.

As you walk into the lobby of your building, your condo concierge hands you your mail and asks about your day. He’s been here since you bought your condo three years ago and seems to know everyone in the building.

The halls are quiet; most of your neighbors are probably eating dinner. You open the door to your condo, kick off your shoes, and just as you sit down on your couch, your cousin – the one who still lives in your hometown – calls. He’s making an unexpected stop in the city tomorrow and wants to do something fun with you. Great.

It’s not that Cousin Mike is a bad guy or anything, it’s just that, well, planning a weekend is about the last thing you want to do right now. Plus, it can be hard to get reservations at a good restaurant with so little advanced planning.

If only you knew someone who could help you out – someone who knows how to get a reservation at a good restaurant or what’s happening around town this weekend and how to find tickets to the events last minute.

Ah, but you do.

You do know that person, and he’s right downstairs. Your condo concierge can be your lifeline to a good weekend. In fact, a good condo concierge is like having a human smartphone, only he or she probably understands your needs even better than Siri.

How can a condo concierge help you?

For condo communities that have a concierge service, most residents know that your concierge can accept deliveries, keep you posted on community events, or even let a repair person into your condo while you are out.

However, many luxury condo associations are offering much more in the way of condo concierge services. But what exactly does a concierge do? You probably already know some of this, but some of these services may surprise you.

Depending on your condo association and property management, a concierge may or may not offer these services. Many high-end luxury condos are offering concierge teams, which provide residents these benefits and far more. It is certainly something to discuss at your next condo board meeting, or if you are considering buying a condo.

  • Greeting residents: This is self-explanatory, but is a nice touch. Saying hello to someone makes it feel like a real neighborhood. Developing personal bonds is shown to keep residents living in the same areas for longer amounts of time.
  • Scheduling moving days: This is primarily a logistics duty. The concierge should know what is happening in your condo, so scheduling a move in for a new resident doesn’t coincide with other major events that could be disruptive to both activities. Plus, if you’re moving into a new condo, it’s nice to know that someone is there to make sure you get settled in.
  • Handling deliveries, both incoming and outgoing: Again, this is pretty self-explanatory, but this is a service that offers peace of mind, and should not be underrated. Some condo concierge services will offer to send a text or email when packages arrive, too, providing further serenity to your day. Because really, who has time to go to the post office to pick up a package?
  • Monitors security cameras and the lobby area: Security can be one of the biggest factors in why a person will decide to purchase or rent from one condominium rather than another. Offering an around the clock security to your residents will allow them to feel more protected in their home environments.
  • Coordinates valet services: In larger, or more urban condo associations, your concierge will oversee the valet services for you, ensuring that your car is there when you need it, and parked safely away when you don’t.
  • Housekeeping: Depending on your association, your condo concierge can schedule housekeeping for you, so you can come home to a clean kitchen and fresh towels without a second thought.
  • Reservations: Yes, back to your cousin dropping in unexpectedly; some condo-concierge services consider it a given that things like reservations, recruiting an in-home chef, and even scheduling appointments for pet grooming, get taken care of for you. Why? Well, you need your furry friend to look his or her best when cousin Mike arrives.

This all sounds pretty nice, right?

Concierge or not, Evercondo can help you streamline your condo services. Contact us to schedule a demo of the Evercondo app, and let us show you how we can easily improve your condo life.

Do you enjoy the benefits of a condo concierge? If not, what would you like to see from your concierge? Let us know in the comments.