How To Avoid Condo Association Problems Before They Begin


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Condo association problems you can solve now

As a member of the condo board or property management team, there are going to be some problems that are simply beyond your scope of capabilities. There is no way you can prevent every problem that may ever occur. You can get ahead of most of these situations, though, with simple communication and respect.

1. Feeling left out

Condo owners who feel left out of association decisions may be less inclined to cooperate with new or existing rules. Don’t worry, there’s  an easy fix: make sure all condo owners know when and where association meetings are held, and what is on the agenda. Be sure there is enough notice for owners to come to the meetings if they want to, and always include space in the agenda for residents to submit issues they’d like to address ahead of time.

Owners who feel like a valued member of the condo association are more likely to feel like the community offers an excellent quality of life. [Read more…]

What’s a Good Property Management Salary?

property management salary

Finding the best advocate for your community may boil down to offering the right property management salary.

Hiring a new property manager is an adventure. You have to weed through some, shall we say, interesting applications. That’s the easy part. What you’re left with are (hopefully) several great candidates to interview and select.

Among the many things you need to determine when writing a property manager job description, is a competitive property management salary for your area.

If you want a qualified, competent property manager, the salary has to be in line with the going rate, as well as the general cost of living in your area. Here are a few things to consider when you’re trying to attract qualified candidates and remain within your condo association budget.

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5 Common Condo Board Responsibilities & How to Be a Superhero at Your Next Meeting

You might not get a comic book named after you, but if you tackle these condo board responsibilities, your neighbors will definitely consider you a superhero.

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It’s Wednesday afternoon, and you’re preparing for your next condominium association meeting. As a new board member, you’d love to see the condo community more involved. Since you’ve been living here, the meetings have been pretty lackluster, with only a small number of association members attending, and even fewer speaking up.

In fact, it seems as if condo association members rarely mingle much at all, despite the beautiful common areas like the gym, courtyard, and barbecue pit.

But that’s going to change. You’re taking the condo board responsibilities seriously; after all, you live here with all these people. What exactly are those responsibilities, though? Even though serving as a condo board member is a volunteer activity, it’s still an important job. To residents, you are the face of the property management, and to the management, you are the representative of the condo association.

Here are five common condo board responsibilities, and how you can turn a boring meeting into your chance to be a superhero (cape not included). [Read more…]