The Best Dogs for Condos: These Five May Surprise You

best dogs for condosSize is not the only factor when picking a condo dog, so this list of the five best dogs for condos might not be what you are expecting.

What dogs come to mind when you are thinking about the best dogs for condos? Small dogs maybe? Perhaps a pug or miniature poodle would fit the bill? Those are both popular breeds, and both are well-suited to condo living.

What about larger dogs? You might be surprised to learn that size is not the biggest factor in finding the best dogs for condos. In fact, the most limiting factor in size is probably your condo association rules.

This doesn’t mean just any dog is among the best dogs for condos. Small dogs may fit the size rules of your condo association, but the barky types may not sit well with your neighbors.

Not every dog is suited for condo dwelling. Herding dogs that thrive on corralling cattle all day probably won’t be the choices. Consider your lifestyle and a dog’s temperament when thinking about adopting or purchasing a new pup.

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