This Is Why We Love What We Do. Thank You.


At Evercondo, we’re obsessed at making community living better. We have a mission: To make condo and HOA community living and management 10x better than how it is today; from the day-to-day tasks of community managers to the daily household chores and community living of residents.

We understand it is no easy task, even overwhelming, but like the saying goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and we’ve started laying the bricks. All of our effort would have been meaningless without the support of our dear customers. We’re glad to say that we’ve come very far from where we were in the past 2 years and we know we wouldn’t be here today if not for you.

Here’s why we love what we do and why we wake up each day with the belief that achieving our mission and vision is possible.


Anne Burgoon, Vice President – EOPMG

Eastern Ontario Property Management

” Two of the most common requests from owners in the Condominium Industry is improved transparency and better communication. The website services provided through Evercondo address both of these very effectively. The website links the community to the Corporation with a user friendly system. Our residents love it! “

Christopher Davis, Managing Partner – DVP Management

DVP Property Management

” Since the inception of DVP Management, Evercondo has been our most valuable partner by providing a direct, personal connecting to the people who live in the communities we serve. Whether accessed using a mobile device or desktop browser, the user friendly interface allows owners to quickly communicate with DVP and their neighbors, make payments, view their community’s documents – and much more. Importantly, Evercondo goes critically further than any other online property management portal; it truly recreates a sense of community in the cloud. Board members can easily access financials, approve architectural requests, and create work orders. The mobile app makes it extremely easy for us to manage our communities from anywhere, at any time, without being intrusive. Managers can send bulletins, answer questions and access a wide range of information in just just a few taps on their screen. Evercondo has been instrumental in our mission to bring a powerful combination of wide-ranging resources and a personal touch to each community we serve, no matter the location, size or community type. “

Tim Arel, Principal – North Point Management

Northpoint Property Management” Evercondo has been an invaluable partner in our efforts to provide the highest level of HOA management and complete transparency to our client Associations. “


Donald Wilden, President – Action Management

Action Management” Evercondo is a valuable communication tool for our associations. As a property management company we can quickly inform the homeowners about a wide range of topics by posting bulletins to the dashboard and posting upcoming events to the Calendar. Homeowners like the quick access to forms, financials and association information through Evercondo. Realtors and lenders have given positive feedback about having easy access to Evercondo to obtain all the needed documents when selling a home. Being able to direct realtors, lenders and homeowners to the website is a great time saver for the office staff. We find all aspects of using Evercondo to be extremely user friendly from uploading documents, creating bulletins, and setting up new accounts or files to advising our clients how to use Evercondo. The Evercondo staff always quickly responds to our questions in a friendly, easy to understand manner. “

Marcus Mayo, Owner – CAMCO Property Management

CAMCO Property Management” We have distinguished ourselves as a property management company since we began using Evercondo. The simple, intuitive platform is an ideal solution for responding quickly to problems and opportunities that arise in managed communities. With Evercondo we’re able to streamline processes, increase our productivity, and deliver more value to the condo board and ultimately, to our residents. “

Joshua Spivey, President – Wise Property Management

wise-logo” Our experience with Evercondo has been extremely positive. At Wise Property Management, we are always looking for ways to enhance the experience of our Boards and the owners we serve. It is very important to our company to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to solutions that can provide our clients with the additional conveniences and efficiencies they deserve. Evercondo’s team is not only helping us achieve our goals, but they are also forward thinkers who have demonstrated a desire to constantly improve and enhance the end-user experience. Rather than settling with their already impressive product, they seem highly motivated to work towards the betterment of their clients’ interests, both management companies and community associations alike. We value the relationship with Evercondo and look forward to continuing our shared efforts in providing industry-leading service to each and every client who has given us the great opportunity of serving them. “

Steven Benton, President – Millbrook Property Management

Millbrook Real Estate Services” Evercondo has helped provide a much better service to our residents. By allowing for more transparency and better communication, our residents experience a much more enhanced living experience. This in turn allows our management company’s services to be much better perceived by our clients and also potential clients. We’re very much pleased with our relationship with Evercondo and look forward to working together in the future. “

John Young, General Manager – Honua Kai COA

” We looked at a number of operating platforms before choosing Evercondo. However the choice was not a difficult one and unanimous when we made the decision as it was very clear that Evercondo provided the ‘bells and whistles’ we were looking for in a property website. More importantly was the simplicity of using the site. Honua Kai is 628 units and it was imperative we find a web platform that was robust but simplistic in its approach. Evercondo does that. We had lots of staff and owner frustrations with our previous platform. I’m very happy to be able to report, we have almost eliminated frustrations and complaints since implementing the transition. Finally the other equally important component was personal service. Evercondo has done that and continues to do so. “

Casey Beacock, President – Sanderson Management

Sanderson Management Inc” Evercondo has allowed us to share our expertise in property management but also living in the Tri City area to our condominium owners. We can update individual corporations based on local events. Our intention it to use EverCondo not just as a place where you sometimes deal with the not so fun aspects of your condominium but are opened to the real experience of what it means to live in a specific condominium community. Owners and Board Members have really appreciated EverCondo and the transparency it provides. It has been touted as the best as far as community awareness and communication. There is an abundance of appreciation of the system from property managers, boards of directors, owners, and tenants. “

Chris Brown, Vice President – Fraser Property Management

Fraser Property Management” We have been very pleased with the results to date in regards to our implementation of Evercondo with our property portfolio. We have found it to be a very effective method for communicating with our clients. It allows for a more direct transfer of information without many of the traditional roadblocks we have encountered in the past. Emergency bulletins, financial information, facilities bookings and work orders are all readily available to owners. This direct communication allows managers to correspond with owners and occupants and let them know of progress on various matters while eliminating many phone calls and email queries.

We provide Evercondo to all our new properties we have taken on, and we envision a day when all our properties are handled via Evercondo. It works well with our accounting system, providing up to date account balances to individual owners and more detailed information to directors.

Furthermore, we have found that working with Grant, Adrian and the rest of their team has been an excellent experience. They are very receptive to our suggestions and take an interest in improving their product on an ongoing basis. This has resulted in a very positive end user experience as we feel that our input (and input provided from our customers) is valued and acted upon.

We view the implementation of Evercondo as part of our business model to be an excellent decision and we look forward to a long and fruitful partnership in the years ahead. ”

Rebecca Rajchgot, Property Manager – Wilkar Property Management

Wilkar Property Management Inc” Using Evercondo gives us an edge in pitching to condo boards. Knowing that we are equipped to attend to their needs 24/7 is a big advantage. Our business has gone completely new direction since we started using Evercondo and residents have given us great feedback so far. “

Nicolas Del Valle, Director of Operations – Conkrite Capital Corporation

Conkrite” Evercondo has been a very important channel for us to create a better sense of community for residents. It is very easy to use yet powerful enough to make a big impact. Residents get amazed by how information is delivered to them and how they can interact with management and their fellow neighbors through the platform. In one tense I would say that Evercondo is a community builder. “

Joanie, Property Manager – Sentinel Property Management

Gestion Immobilier Sentinel” Our residents thank us for the additional attention & support from our management through Evercondo. Their support team is always available to answer our questions. “

Blair Milroy, President – Tridel’s Rêve Condominium

reve” Evercondo has enabled our board to become more responsive and deliver superior service to our residents. We have seen a notable shift in the level of engagement in our community and overall satisfaction has increased dramatically. We conducted a comprehensive review of community management solutions found that Evercondo offers the best value and features for our community. “

Syahrin, Board Member – Armanee Condominium

” Evercondo has transformed the way we interact with residents of our condo and they’re pleased with our quick and prompt response. “

Madeleine, Board Member – Les Sommets Condominium

” Happy to have Evercondo for our condominium. Now our co-owners are in the loop in real time and the managers appreciate its simplicity and its efficiency. “

Evercondo the leading web and mobile software that facilitates quick, useful communication between community managers, HOA/Condo board, and residents. Contact us for a live demo or sign up for a free trial to see how we can keep your management and communities happy.

Feature Updates: New Approval Requests, Surveys and Subfolders

It’s been a productive few months for us at Evercondo. With the launch of our mobile app, you can now access all available features on our platform via your smart phone! We’ve also added approval request and sub folder features with better permissions as well as a super awesome survey feature to help your condo community make better informed decisions.

Get Faster Approvals From Condo Boards


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