Improve Your Condo and HOA Management Brand in 5 Easy Steps


Property management is a competitive business. To stand out from the crowd, your company needs a strong “brand presence” – an impression you give people about the benefits of choosing your firm over a competitor. But branding is more than just a corporate logo and tagline. Think about Nike’s swoosh and “Just do it” brand elements. Then think about how they help create an emotional bond with the company’s customers.

A strong brand portrays the good things about your company. It defines your qualities and values so people know what you stand for when they choose to do business with you. Jeff Bezos, the CEO and founder of Amazon, describes it aptly: “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

If your commitment is to provide premium service, your brand needs to reflect this image. An amateurish logo or website speaks volumes about a company’s approach to the finer details of their business. It influences folks’ expectations of the type of experience they might have with your product or service.

Make sure your company sends the right message to customers. Here are five tips for building a stronger property management brand:

Be strategic.

Your brand should represent your vision as a company. Whether you want to become the biggest player in the North American market, or be seen as the go-to expert in your local area, your brand concept needs to reflect the values that support your vision. Figure out what your company is good at—customer service; creative problem solving; innovations for modern lifestyles. These are your brand attributes. Think of them as the framework for your marketing efforts.

Paint the right picture.

Images make powerful impressions—even if they underwhelm. A company with a bold stance won’t get their message across using mousy images or clip art on their website. If you want to be known for superior maintenance services, you could imply this with a large “hero” image showing workers dressed in company uniforms, wielding impressive tools and looking confident. If upscale customer service is your thing, the hero image of a smiling person wearing a navy blue blazer or some other visual badge of professionalism is a better fit.

Words (and fonts) matter.

Not every company needs a graphic logo. Often, your company name makes an ideal wordmark—a text-only design that uses font and color for impact. It’s a good idea to work with a graphic designer to create a professional-looking logo. Choose someone who understands color theory and the power of fonts. If you’re using a tagline make sure it’s a short, catchy phrase that sums up what your company is all about.

Think mobile.

Everyone has a smartphone these days and for the growing population, they expect everything including your services to be somewhat “swipe-able” on their phone. Create positive experiences for people in the mobile online space. Make sure your company website is well designed, easy to navigate, and mobile-friendly. Offer a mobile app to simplify service delivery. Make sure your website and mobile app are fully branded to promote your company and its attributes at the grassroots level. Evercondo provides an easy way to do this with our white label program, which gives customers a customizable version of Evercondo’s web platform and mobile app they can brand with their own logo and tagline for a more professional look.

Content marketing keeps things fresh.

A blog space on your website is an important feature because it’s a place where you can post fresh content to interest your potential customers (i.e. HOA / condo board members). Websites that feature new content regularly tend to get better Google search engine results. You can also reinforce your brand by writing about topics that position your company as a leader or expert. Think of your blog as a timeless shareable content library—one that can gain a widening audience over time by sharing posts on (branded) social media sites or pages. A blog article posted today will get you leads forever as long as it stays relevant.

How does your company approach brand marketing? Share some of your ideas in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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