3 Tips to Warm Up With Your Condo HOA Community Neighbours This Cold Holiday Season

condo neighbours get together

Seasonal celebrations will be in full swing soon with December’s holidays around the corner. It’s the perfect time to share some good cheer with your neighbours and enjoy the comfort of a happy community. Here are three suggestions to make it happen.

Remember that guy you always bump into at the elevator or that lady who walks her dog each day when you leave for work? Aren’t you curious about what they do? What their story is? It’s this stranger who you bump into constantly in the same building. Of course you’re curious!

When you live in a condo building or HOA community, you’re in close quarters with fellow residents. You see each other daily—in the hallways, elevators, parking garage or other common spaces—but rarely share more than a passing nod or “hello”. At most you might say “Could you please press level 4 for me? Thanks”.

Don’t get me wrong here—it’s not a sad thing. But I do think there’s a huge missed opportunity in not getting to know your neighbours.

Let’s change that. Let’s make the places we live in even better. Isn’t living vertically all about the people, our neighbours? It’s the liveliness of the community that makes your condo living so much better. Everything else is just constant. At the very least, your neighbours will be more considerate before turning up the volume after midnight the next time.

And what better time to get to know your neighbours than this coming holiday season?

Here are three suggestions to get you warmed up:

1. Don’t hesitate. Just attend the resident events.

Instead of hibernating at home, bring your best dish to the holiday potluck and baked goodies to the cookie exchange. Help decorate the lobby. Go watch classic Hollywood Christmas films in the media room. Take advantage of the group gift-wrapping session and contribute to the toy drive. Get involved with holiday socializing and be open to making new connections with board members and other residents.

2. Break the ice. Initiate conversations.

Introduce yourself to anyone you don’t know by name. “Hi I’m Dave, I live on the fourth floor” with a handshake is a simple way to break the ice. Even if you feel socially awkward, it takes little courage to introduce yourself first. Don’t be shy to start conversations, either—simply ask people about themselves. Good icebreakers and topics of conversation include:

  • Hi, I think I saw you a couple of times in the elevator…
  • When did you move to the condo / HOA?
  • Where did you live before?
  • Why did you choose this building or neighbourhood?
  • What are your favourite holiday traditions?

3. “Hygge” Up!

People who live in cold, northern climates have a tendency to gather together for warmth and comfort. The Danish call this phenomenon “hygge”. Bring the feeling of hygge to your community through good cheer, appreciation of shared values, and respect for each other. Make it last through the holidays and beyond.

Do you have any other ideas or tips to get residents warmed up with neighbours in a condo community? If so, let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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