5 Ways to Better Manage Your Visitor Parking


Of all the amenities your condo offers Visitor Parking might be the most used feature. You want your residents to be able to host their guests easily but you also want to have some control, otherwise Unit 3B’s brother’s Hyundai could become a permanent accessory to your buildings Visitor Parking.


1. Monitor

Monitor the hours your parking is the most busy and when you will be checking permits. Find out what triggers a high amount of visitors and adjust accordingly. Are you located near a sports stadium? Is your building located in a high-traffic area or are there strangers parking in visitor parking without registering? Take note of how many spots are accessible and how many are reserved for contractors for an accurate.

2. Track

If your community has cars that are parking for multiple days it is important to track which cars have expired permits. Making sure all the permits are to-date means you can free up some much needed parking spots for the more visitors. Track how many permits each resident has used and be sure to notify the resident when they approach their visitor parking limit.

3. Enforce

Set limits on your Visitor Parking permits. You can do this by restricting how many permits a resident is allowed in a month. For example, a resident may be allowed to book a total of three overnight visitor parking spots per month. This way everyone gets a chance to host their guests and make use of the visitor parking.

4. Communicate

Keep residents informed and make sure they are aware of any changes to visitor parking hours. Communicate changes to visitor parking to residents before the new rules come into effect. Extending the visitor parking permits from 10 consecutive hours to 24 over the holidays? Let residents know beforehand so they can plan accordingly.

5. Schedule

Schedule regular maintenance to your parking area to ensure the space is useable and free of major issues. Provide the same preventative maintenance to the visitor parking space as you would any other amenity and you will have satisfied residents and visitors alike.

Evercondo makes it easy for you and your management team to efficiently and effectively track and manage visitor parking, from creating restrictions and issuing parking permits. Contact us for a demonstration, and we’ll show you how we can help you better manage your visitor parking while increasing communication in your community.

What are the most common Visitor Parking issues in your community? Let us know in the comments.