7 Ways Condo Landscaping Can Increase Your Occupancy Rate

ways condo landscaping can increase your occupancy rate

You’ll see the return on your investment when you spend money and time on condo landscaping

Take a moment to picture yourself in a beautiful location. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

What does that location look like for you? Is it filled with the beauty of nature? Are there water features or colorful trees? Now, think: how would you like to live there?

Creative condo landscaping can do just that for you; it will allow your prospective residents to picture themselves living in an ideal, beautiful location. In fact, the right landscaping can and will help you increase your occupancy rate.

Well manicured design increases curb appeal. So when it’s time to sell, your condo dwellers will be able to get a higher return on their investment as compared to condo owners living in a poorly landscaped community.

Likewise, condo landscaping can attract buyers, which leads to higher demand and a higher occupancy rate for the property you manage.

Here are seven things to consider when using condo landscaping to make your property the most longed for investment.

1. Climate friendly

While tropical plants and sand may sound delightful, bear in mind that if you live in a cold climate, those plants aren’t going to last. Furthermore, they will look out of place as soon as a cool autumn breeze starts blowing in. Landscaping that works with your climate is more able to show off the natural beauty of your condo property. If your condominium is in a warm, tropical location, embrace hardy palm or fruit trees. Similarly, if you live in colder locations, boxwood or soft-touch holly shrubs would be your best bet. Take advantage of your local plants, trees, and foliage.

2. Budget friendly

Charming landscape design can be budget friendly. While the initial expense of hiring a landscaper and refurbishing your property may be costly, there are some low maintenance options available that will keep future expenses to a minimum. This, of course, means your tenants don’t need to worry about extensive condo fees or assessments just to take care of some plants.

For example, if you use evergreen and seasonal plants, along with furniture designed for outdoor use in community terraces, which need minimal upkeep, it will keeps your costs down.

3. User friendly

The landscaping plans and the residents’ lifestyle need to make sense together. A property filled with exquisite gardens and lush grass won’t draw in prospective residents who want more of a yard for themselves. They would, however, enjoy barbecue pits, a few charcoal grills, and room to stretch out in the grass. They may also enjoy those exquisite gardens – as long as they still have room to play.

4. Recreation friendly

This tip ties in with user-friendly condo landscaping. Part of building a strong condo community is doing activities together, be it birthday parties or a resident community vegetable garden. LC Preserve Crossing, in Gahanna, Ohio has just such an amenity with a built in beach volleyball court and lots of green spaces.

Ways condo landscaping can increase your occupancy rate

5. Kid friendly

If your goal is to attract families, you’ll want to be sure your landscaping is kid friendly. It’s tough to have energetic kids running around your home with nowhere for them to go outside and play. While landscaping doesn’t need to be entirely designed around children and kid-like activities, a dedicated play space in your landscaping plan will be a real boon to families searching for a condo home.

Playspaces can be beautiful, too. The Silver Towers Playground, designed by Tom Otterness, is both whimsical and fun. If something like this doesn’t fill up your condo vacancies, I’m not sure what would. You might even find the grown ups using it!

ways condo landscaping can increase your occupancy rate

6. Earth friendly

It isn’t just the outliers who are looking for earth-friendly properties these days. Climate change and natural resource usage is on many prospects’ minds. The great thing about earth-friendly condo landscaping is that it can be both low maintenance and easy on your budget. And even though it’s the right thing to do, it is also a good marketing point. Just be sure if you’re specific in your marketing – anything labeled as “green” should really be earth friendly.

7. Property manager friendly

This isn’t so much a landscape issue as it is a work issue. Regulation in some regions can be spotty, and you probably know at least one or two other property managers who had a bad experience with Contractor X or Landscaper Y. This means it’s your job to thoroughly explore options, reputations, and work history. You already know this, of course, but all of us can use a reminder here and there.

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What landscaping tips would you add to this list? Do you think it makes a difference in your occupancy rate? Let us know in the comments.