9 Ideas for Resident Events That Build Happy Condo Communities

ideas for resident events to build condo communitiesNo matter where you live, a bonded community is the backbone of a good neighborhood, and it’s an essential part of running great condo communities.

As a property manager, you can create lively and happy condo communities with a few good ideas for resident events.

You know as well as anyone that condo communities need resident involvement to thrive. You also know the strongest, most active communities are the ones where residents know one another, which make community involvement even more important. It’s human nature to feel empathy toward familiar people.

That engagement can be difficult to muster sometimes. People might not feel like they have the time to commit to condo association meetings, or maybe they don’t feel like they would have anything to contribute.

So how do you bridge that gap? How do condo communities come together to form a genuine community? More importantly, how do you facilitate that community building?

You bring your community together through activities. A community garden or a book club are just two of many ideas for resident events that can bring people together. Here are some more.

Ideas for resident events that condo communities love


Clubs can bring people together based on a similar interest. You could go in any number of directions with clubs from activities to intellectual pursuits to clubs for moms or dads or grandparents. What is the demographic of your condo community? That can give you a good starting point in figuring out if one of these would work for you.

  1. Running club – The great thing about a running club is that it is open to all ages, and brings camaraderie and healthy habits to your neighborhood. You could even break this up into clubs for beginning runners and for experienced runners.
  2. Dinner club – Who doesn’t love a good meal? A resident dinner club could bring out some exciting opportunities for residents to get to know each other. Host a monthly pot luck dinner in a common area, or outdoors in warm weather, and pick a theme for each dinner. For one meal, residents could bring their favorite comfort food and for another they could prepare a dish from a specific region or country.
  3. Gardening club – A gardening club could be a wonderful complement to a dinner club. You could host your very own farm-to-table dinner. Gardening is not only a way for condo residents to connect, it is also a wonderful way to beautify your condo neighborhood. This is the kind of club that could benefit everyone, whether they are in the club or not.

Field trips

Do you remember how exciting field trips were when you were in school? It was such a nice change in routine and a chance to do something interesting. There’s no reason condo neighbors can’t go on a field trip, too. Your geography will define the possibilities, but even in the most remote locations, there is always something to discover.

  1. Go to a game – Many sports teams offer group discounts for tickets, plus big events are usually more fun with a group. You could go to a minor league hockey game, a professional baseball game, or a college volleyball tournament.
  2. Historical locations – History is endlessly fascinating. It seems no matter how much we think we know about the past, we are always learning something new. You may not be able to make it to William Shakespeare’s birthplace, but your local historical society or preservation society just might fill in some of the past for you.
  3. Museums – Art museums, sports museums, aviation museums, or something unusual, like the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum in Niagra Falls are just some of the many museum outings you could place in your bag of ideas for resident events.

One time or recurring events

A pool party, volunteer event, bake sale for a cause, kids’ day for condo communities with lots of families, or an epic, condo-wide water balloon battle can bring people together in unexpected ways.

  1. Pool party – If your condo community has a pool, a resident’s pool party and barbecue is a classic idea for resident events. Kick it up a notch by hiring some family friendly entertainment like a face painter, magician, or storyteller. Get your local ice cream truck to stop by at a designated time. Have a wacky swimwear costume parade and give the winner a gift certificate to a neighborhood grocery store. There are tons of possibilities.
  2. Volunteer event – Combine a community improvement project with your own community building. Coordinate a group of condo residents to volunteer at a local soup kitchen or donate a morning to helping an area school with a spring cleaning. There are nonprofit groups everywhere that rely on volunteers to help them maintain their daily operations. If you have a skill, they can probably use your help.
  3. Board game night – This is an easy and inexpensive event to host. Residents can bring their own games, or the condo association can supply games. Throw in some snacks to keep everyone happy. Or set up a tournament with a gift certificate for winners.

Whatever ideas for resident events you might have, it’s hard to do alone. Enlist a few gregarious condo residents to spearhead some of the planning and invitations. Work as a team to make your condo community the best it can be. That’s a winning situation for everyone.

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What ideas for resident events can you share? What has worked for you? Let us know in the comments.