Exclusive, Common & Restricted Elements, Oh My!

Have you ever stood in the
front lobby of your home and wondered
‘what are the common elements of my condo?

Never fear!
We’re here to walk you through the common and
not-so-Common Elements of your home.
A good place to start is by defining Common Elements and the different types you will encounter as a condo resident.

Common Elements are generally elements that are the responsibility of the condo corporation in terms of maintenance, repairs and replacement.

Exclusive-Use Common Elements are those that are in-between the units and common-areas. Exclusive-Use Common Elements include driveways and yards. These elements are enjoyed by individual owners their appearance and maintenance are governed by the condo corporation.

Restricted-Use Common Elements are any and all buildings occupied by staff. These elements are restricted for safety measures and although they belong to the owner they are not responsible for maintenance. Restricted-Use Common Elements can include swimming pools, concierge desks and electrical rooms.

Now for the nitty-gritty stuff, who is responsible for what?
In most cases unit owners are responsible for maintenance on all elements that are Exclusive-Use however repairs and replacements that occur in these Exclusive-Use Elements are usually covered by the condo corporation.
Common Element replacements are paid for from the Condo’s Reserve Fund.

The Reserve Fund is a fund required to be set aside by the Condominium Corporation to cover the major repair and replacement of the common elements and assets of the condominium.It is important to note that this is just a guide line and no two condos are managed the same so be sure to consult your Condo By-Law. Now that you’re a Condo Master you’re ready to look into painting your kitchen and installing planters on your balcony.

Is there anything we missed or any questions you wish you had answers to?
Let us know!