How To Write a Condominium Property Manager Job Description

condominium property manager job description

A booming, reputable condo community that’s always at capacity doesn’t get there by hiring a bad condominium property manager. 

Who you select as a condominium property manager can have a significant effect on the happiness of your condo neighborhood, so the condo association board needs to be diligent in hiring the right person.

One of the best ways to begin a new project is to take a look at what other people have already done. Looking at job descriptions from condo management companies is a great way to gather ideas, and figure out how to approach a condominium property manager job description for your condo association.

In this post, we’ll take a look at three condo management companies and their job descriptions for a condominium property manager. We’re also including a copy and paste job description you can use when your condo association needs to hire a property manager.

In your job description, include the characteristics of a good property manager.

With over 6,500 properties, FirstService Residential is, by any measure, one of the largest condominium management companies in the U.S. and Canada. When it comes to hiring a property manager, they list 12 specific qualities they look for right on their website, which isn’t a bad idea when trying to attract exactly the right person.

Knowing what type of person you want as a property manager is one thing, but telling them what you’re looking for, is another. Don’t simply list what jobs they’ll do, include these characteristics in your property manager job description, too.

We like what the Ontario Property Management Group does with their listing. Building positive relationships with tenants is a priority for property managers, so a list of desired personality traits come first in the job description before job duties or qualifications.

property management job description

Some great bullet points from this job description include:

  • A dynamic leader with strong supervisory skills/personnel management
  • Effective communicator, trainer and motivator
  • Self-motivated and independent thinker while maintaining strong and loyal team relationships
  • Strong business, marketing, and management sense
  • Ability to process problems and recommend sound solutions
  • Calm and intelligent crisis manager with developed conflict management skills

In your job description, include a detailed list of job requirements and qualifications.

Brookfield Condominium Services manages over 350 properties across Ontario. Their detailed condominium property manager job description allows them to pinpoint their expectations for candidates applying to work with them.

They have a bulleted list of more than 30 job requirements and qualifications. They’ve separated them into six categories within the description that include Client Relations, Financial Services, Building Operations, Human Resources, Contract Management, and Administrative Services—all that fall under the multi-hat job of Property Manager.


The description is long, but precise, with bullets for each section, and we love how the introduction wraps it all up:

The Property Manager is responsible for the Physical, Financial, Administrative, and Public Relations Management. In addition, the Property Manager is to assist the Board in the enforcement of the Corporation’s Bylaws, Declaration, Rules and Regulations. The individual must allocate his/her time between the Management Office to complete administrative, physical, financial and public relations duties and the property to ensure that the high standards of housekeeping and maintenance are present. The Property Manager reports to the Regional Manager (as his/her employer) and the President of the Corporation/Board of Directors (as his/her client).

In your job description, include exactly the skills you’re looking for.

Now you’ve set yourself up to hire the right condominium property manager by including the type of person you want, and the goals/tasks you expect them to achieve.

Now, be clear in what you consider a technically qualified candidate.

In the greater Chicago area, Liebermann Management Services works with “more than 200 condominium associations including high rises, sprawling multi-family developments and cooperatives.” With a roster of that size, and a history that goes back more than 40 years, LMS knows what it means to write a property manager job description.

LMS has a fairly short and succinct job description, and the advantage of this is that they are then open to potentially fantastic job candidates who might otherwise be deterred because they are missing some of the experience on a larger list. However, if you create a short and open job description, the qualifications section should be detailed so that you spend less time reading resumes from unqualified candidates and more time interviewing the right people.

property manager job description

Here’s the qualification section of LMS’s condominium property manager job description:

  • Minimum 2 years of residential condo property management
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Effective written and oral communication
  • Ability to maintain professionalism in all client interactions
  • Provide superior customer service
  • Construction project management background a plus

Candidate must have strong oral and written skills, good phone etiquette, be able to work well in a fast-paced work environment and be proficient with the most recent technology. If you are a self-motivated person and possess organizational aptitude with the ability to interact with people and have an interest in having a long-term career with a company that is a proven leader in this industry, then please send us your resume! 

Ready, set, write

Now that you have a few examples to follow, here is a quick list of tips for writing your own condominium property manager job description, plus we’re giving you a simple, easy to customize version that you can copy and alter however you need to. Or you can leave it as is – just be sure to fill in your contact information!

  1. Gather ideas. What do you want in a property manager that goes beyond the typical job description? What will make your listing stand out to the type of candidates you want?
  2. Create a list. Create a list of job responsibilities and qualifications. Ask your current property manager, or other property managers what you might have missed in the job description.
  3. Fine tune the list. Don’t overwhelm applicants with mundane details. Above, Brookfield Condominium Services was able to create a highly detailed list, but keep the bullet points succinct and useful.
  4. It’s all in the details. Now that you have your list, there are some important considerations, that may or may not go into the job description. The first, and perhaps biggest of these is salary. 
  5. Write your ad. With your list of expectations and responsibilities in hand, it’s time to write your ad. It is, by the way, an ad. And you’re trying to hook the best property manager out there.
  6. Schedule interviews. You put a lot of time and energy into creating a job description for your condominium property manager, but don’t forget about the interview! Good property manager candidates will be prepared and ready for the interview; you should be, too.

A condominium property manager job description you can copy and paste

The below descriptions tackles everything above. Tell the candidate what personality traits you desire, what their job will be, what qualifications you feel are necessary to tackle those jobs, and then what you can offer them in return. Feel free to print and use this job description as is, or customize it how you need:

You’re an experienced property manager looking for a great place to work. You want to work with people who appreciate what you do, and will give you the support you need to get the job done.

We are a condo association looking for an experienced property manager to help us take care of our homes and keep our condo community the best in town.

We just might be a perfect match.

________________ Condominiums is hiring a full-time property manager to take responsibility for the daily operations of our Association in accordance with our Condo Board guidelines, including, but not limited to: property maintenance, vendor relations, administrative tasks, and financial planning and record keeping.

This job necessarily includes a wide range of duties and expectations beyond those listed here, so flexibility and a willingness to learn with us is a priority.

Characteristics We’re Looking For

  • You’re positive, pleasant and likeable
  • You have a can-do attitude that rubs off on everyone around you
  • You’re an effective leader that knows how to motivate employees and vendors
  • You’re a natural marketer who speaks from the heart
  • You’re an independent problem-solver that maintains a strong team ethic
  • You’re cool, calm and collected in times of crisis
  • Your idea of customer service is comparable to a five-star restaurant

Job Duties You’ll Perform

  • Responsible for the daily operations of the condominium community and property
  • Attend monthly Condo Association Board meetings
  • Enforce association bylaws
  • Prepare and implement an emergency preparedness plan
  • Maintain open communication with the Condo Association Board
  • Maintain proactive communication with condo community residents with monthly and as-needed newsletter
  • Create, record and maintain detailed association budget, and all financial transactions, including association dues, vendor invoices, and insurance.
  • Maintain the buildings and grounds, including vendor contracts for emergency repairs, snow removal, and general maintenance

Qualifications & Requirements Necessary to Get the Job Done

  • 3+ years experience in condo or residential property management
  • Experience with Microsoft Office Suite
  • Familiarity with condo management software and CRM software
  • Knowledge of municipal laws and ordinances related to a condominium community
  • Licensed in _____________ or in the process of achieving their license.

What We’ll Offer the Most Qualified Candidate

  • Competitive salary
  • 100% paid health and dental benefits
  • Apple laptop and iPhone
  • Professional growth
  • Continued education
  • Opportunities for advancement
  • A great team to work with!

To join us, email your cover letter and resume to ________

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Have you ever written a condominium property manager job description? What would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments.