Dog Washing Stations in Condos

With the rise in canine residents the question of whether or not to have dog washing station has also taken centre stage.
Pet-focused amenities can add value to a property if you are hoping to catch the eye of pet-owning potential tenants. 

New luxury condo developments are taking notice of these four legged fluffy residents by adding pet-focused amenities into building and pre-construction plans. Even non-pet owners are happy with the addition of such facilities because it keeps the public area of the condo clean. 

Including washing and grooming stations can also reduce the amount of mud or dirt that is tracked in with Fido after his morning stroll reducing carpet or elevator cleaning.
Have a dog washing station? Let residents book the facility from their smartphone with the Evercondo App. Avoid having a line-up every time the dog park becomes a mud bath by having residents pre-book their bath and spa time.

5 Ways to Create your own Dog Washing Station: 
  1. Install a handheld shower-head or sprayer. This allows owners to wash their entire pet or just their paws after a muddy stroll. 
  1. Be ready for the ‘Shake’. Dogs shake dry and there is no way to surpress their need to dry themselves resulting in everyone that is near them getting wet. To lessen the water damage on the drywall and flooring, install water resistant flooring and backsplash. 
  1. Use a large drain. It is also a good idea to include a hair catcher for any of Fido’s locks that may fall. 
  1. Height before bite. Save owner’s back by installing a bath at the correct level. Small dogs can be lifted into tubs, large dogs can use ramps or ground level washing stations. 
  1. Build a shelf  or include a mesh hanger for all pup’s hair products.
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