Traits of a Successful Condo Owners Association Member

Condo Owners AssociationFive ways to be a valuable asset to your condo owners association

You’ve been elected, and now you’re wondering how to be the best condo owners association (COA) member possible.

You want to be sure that you’re doing everything necessary to live up to your new responsibilities. You take your job seriously, and you want to be someone who improves life around you, not just sits by and watches things change.

Being a member on the board of any association is similar to being a part of a community. While a community gathers people together with a common interest or background, an association forms a group with a goal to better their common interest.

You already know that being part of the condo owners association is an important job. You’re creating a better living environment for yourself and your peers, and that, my friends, takes a lot of effort.

Want to be the best member of the condo owners association? Try one of these five tips:

1. Understand the mission & grow beyond it

  • Make sure you know the condo owners association’s mission before taking up any responsibility. An active member must be equipped and educated on the fundamentals of the association. What are the rules for guests parking? When were the roofs last fixed? Does anything need to be improved? Learn why certain policies are established, so that there is no confusion in the future.
  • Once you know the mission, you can use your other life experiences to build a stronger association. If you have extensive knowledge in areas such as economics or real estate, think about what you can do to better the COA. You can always pull from your experiences and see how (or if) they apply to your board—bring something fresh to the table that nobody else has thought to do.
  • You may turn into the condo association’s new superhero, but remember, it’s also important to not go far off track from the original goal. Growth is necessary, but not to the point where you’ll lose sight of the board’s mission.

2. Learn the 3 P’s

  • Be prepared. Be punctual. Be passionate.
  • Nobody will take you seriously if you do not abide by the 3 P’s. All three, collectively, show that you are serious and committed to the board. Being prepared and punctual could apply to meetings, discussions with the property manager, or communicating with residents.
  • While the first two P’s prove consistency, passion shows your peers that you are a sincere member of the condo Owner’s Association. Come up with ideas, and when approved, make them happen. People will see that you are dedicated to creating a better living experience for all condo owners and board members.

3. Use your network

  • Having a network outside of the condo owners association holds many possibilities. Do you know a vendor in another industry that will be helpful to you in the future, perhaps a landscaper, repair person, or a commercial cleaning business? Having a wide range of resources to draw from can open up new doors for you and fellow condo owners. In addition, having a good reputation means that you can fall back on these resources when you need them.

4. Build new relationships

  • This tip ties in with the last. If you’re networking with people outside of the COA, make an attempt to get to know your peers and neighbors as well. You can socialize with fellow residents without overstepping any boundaries. Maintain a neutral level of respect so that you can have fun in and out of the confines of the association.

5. Foster your independence

  • This is key, but can also be difficult when working with a group. There may be times when the majority of your peers agree on something that you don’t feel is right or true to the association. Should there be a situation where the group decides go in a different direction, having the courage to stand up for your beliefs (with respect and reason) will be helpful. You can iron out a disagreement while also being true to your values. If you’ve taken the time to work on the previous four tips, your fellow board members will appreciate your candor and difference of opinion – whether or not you win the battle.

Want to be the best condo owners association member? Here are three things you never want to do!

We’ve given you five tips on how to succeed, but there are also many things that one shouldn’t do. Consider these three things and make sure you don’t do them.

  1. Never overstep your boundaries: There’s a difference between going the extra mile and completely overstepping your responsibilities. You can take an extra initiative without disrespecting others on the board. For example, don’t claim authority to regulate a rule about trash clean up that wasn’t already in place. It has no credibility, and you won’t be trusted in future instances.
  2. Don’t be dishonest: Honesty is always the best policy. If you truly care about your reputation and the reputation of your association, then you’ll have to be upfront with the people you – fellow board members, other residents, the property manager, and even the management company if necessary.
  3. Don’t ignore the condo owners association’s vision and bylaws. As mentioned before, you always want to seek to expand your association. But don’t do so while losing sight of the original bylaws. Accomplish your goals and surpass them while staying focused on the original character of your group.

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What are some things you do to keep the condo owners association active? Tell us in the comments section!