3 Easy Steps to Build a Condo Community

Your condo community has a lot to offer.


Here are some tips to help you build a happy Condo Community!

Increase Communication
The first step to creating a positive and functional relationship between condo residents and their condo is to increase communication. The importance of emails and to-date notifications cannot be overlooked. Residents feel more satisfied when they are aware of what is happening in their community. When residents are able to contact management quickly and easily they are less likely to become frustrated when an issue does arise. Don’t hide behind your desk, send push notifications to your residents alerting them to changes in the building or even just notifying them of the new gym equipment or facility hours. 

Flaunt Facilities
Ensure that your residents are getting the most out of their facilities by sending them notifications about new facilities or reminders about facilities in their condo community. 
Make community facilities easy to access and residents are more likely to use them. Let residents book online using a service such as Evercondo. Residents can then book facilities without having to track down a manager.
Be Open 
I don’t recommend sleeping in the office and leaving your phone on all night to respond to resident concerns. Allow residents to access information about their community at anytime by keeping an up-to-date FAQ’s page. Use files and folders to allow residents can get the answers they need as well as any useful documents immediately.
Remember, nothing replaces the personal touch you as a property manager can give.
They did choose you and your building after all 😉