How To Be A Good Property Manager That Residents Love

how to be a good property manager | EvercondoWondering how to be a good property manager? Being respectful, organized, and efficient will make residents and your management company love you!

If residents aren’t high-fiving you every time you show up to the property you manage, there’s work to do. Whether you’ve been working as a property manager for most of your career, or you’re new to the field, you can always improve.

But how do you know what skills or personality traits equal success? Do you know how to be a good property manager? What does it mean to be good, even great?

To start, treat different properties according to their specific needs. If you previously were the property manager for an apartment complex and are now working for a condominium management company, your residents and their needs will be different. So will contracts, bylaws, and many other factors.

Identify the differences, and you’re on the right track for becoming one of the best property managers in your area.

How to be a good property manager – a few tips

Stay organized

As a property manager, it’s your responsibility to manage an organizational system for the condominium and condo owners’ association.

Being organized is one of the most important things you’ll need to do as a property manager. If a new or prospective tenant shows up to your office and sees piles of work orders everywhere, held down by a fortress of old moldy coffee cups, it doesn’t instill confidence that their maintenance issues will be attended to in proper time. Keep all vital records filed and stored according to regulations. Maintain a log of any financial transactions. Be detailed with your schedule, keeping all appointments. If you’re doing any marketing for the condo, be sure to keep detailed reports.

Regardless of what your monthly KCIs may be, track them from month to month. A property management checklist can help keep you organized and on track.

Remember, organization isn’t just about keeping files tidy, it’s also about knowing and using the best digital tools to manage your office.

Be clear and communicative

There are many people you’ll need to speak with regularly if you’re a property manager. Regular communication will take place between yourself and residents, the condo association, and also the management company.

But those aren’t the only types of people you’ll regularly speak with. When condos come up for sale or rent, you’ll meet with prospective residents. They’ll have plenty of questions. Know your property and be specific in your answers. More than anything, new tenants want to feel welcome and informed.

Vendors are also another group of people you’ll be speaking with regularly as a property manager. If they haven’t received all the information they need from the condo association, they’ll turn to you for answers. You may need to supervise their work, and you’ll definitely need to keep files of invoices received and paid.

Remember to always be respectful and clear regardless of who you may be communicating with.

Ask for feedback

Your residents, condo association members, and management company should all be able to give you different means of feedback on your work performance.

Once a year, around the time you’re up for your annual performance evaluation, take the time to survey your residents with a brief questionnaire asking them to rate you on specific skills and provide any additional feedback.

In order to get a larger number of participants, offer a reward for completing the survey. One option is to pull a random name (of survey respondents) and gift that person a small gift card to their favorite coffee shop, supermarket, or home improvement store in the area.

Also, be sure to ask the condo association members to add you to their meeting minutes annually. Tell them you’re looking for constructive criticism. By discussing any need for improvements yearly, you’ll avoid any awkward encounters and conversations throughout the year.

Most importantly – if you’re going to ask for feedback from your residents, condo association, and management company, be prepared to work on any suggestions they may have for you. Don’t waste their time – and your time – by asking their opinion and ignoring their advice. If you want to learn how to be a good property manager, you’ll have to ask the correct people, and trust their opinions.

Want to prove yourself as one of the best property managers? Suggest to your property management company and condo association that they invest in Evercondo, where they can see real-time data on how your property is running. See how Evercondo can become the center of your building’s eco-system.

Do you have any other opinions on how to be a good property manager? If so, let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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