Feature Updates: New Approval Requests, Surveys and Subfolders

It’s been a productive few months for us at Evercondo. With the launch of our mobile app, you can now access all available features on our platform via your smart phone! We’ve also added approval request and sub folder features with better permissions as well as a super awesome survey feature to help your condo community make better informed decisions.

Get Faster Approvals From Condo Boards


Proposals need approval from multiple condo board members in a timely manner on a daily basis. At Evercondo, we know that it is hugely time consuming for condo managers to have to constantly email and call board members to get them sign and approve documents!

The Approval Request feature lets you get approvals from board members by creating a request, emailing the request directly to board members, and having them approve it without even having to login!

BAM! It’s that easy!

Gather Resident Feedbacks Easily


Want to know how your residents feel about the security service in your building? Wondering what equipment to get for the gym? Stop guessing! You can now quickly create online surveys and broadcast it to all of your condo residents. Track the results in real time with an easy to read chart!

Better Organize Files with Sub Folders


We’ve received many requests from users for this feature and we are very proud to announce it’s arrival!

With subfolders, you can now further organize your community files as much as you want. Together with a more flexible permission setting, you can create and manage folders and subfolders. Use the permission settings to control the access of these folders to whomever you like; tenants, owners, condo directors, managers.

And that’s it! To find out how you can get started with these awesome features for your current subscription, please contact us at support@evercondo.com

The next few months are packed with more exciting features to help condo managers do more in less time – stay tuned! Until then, feel free to ask questions in the comments below or send us a message in the app (bottom right question mark), or on our website via the contact us page.

Stop wasting your time chasing after board members to get important invoices and proposals approved. With Evercondo, you can get all your documents approved in just a few clicks.​ Learn more about Evercondo and how it will cut hours off your workload.