5 Common Condo Board Responsibilities & How to Be a Superhero at Your Next Meeting

You might not get a comic book named after you, but if you tackle these condo board responsibilities, your neighbors will definitely consider you a superhero.

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It’s Wednesday afternoon, and you’re preparing for your next condominium association meeting. As a new board member, you’d love to see the condo community more involved. Since you’ve been living here, the meetings have been pretty lackluster, with only a small number of association members attending, and even fewer speaking up.

In fact, it seems as if condo association members rarely mingle much at all, despite the beautiful common areas like the gym, courtyard, and barbecue pit.

But that’s going to change. You’re taking the condo board responsibilities seriously; after all, you live here with all these people. What exactly are those responsibilities, though? Even though serving as a condo board member is a volunteer activity, it’s still an important job. To residents, you are the face of the property management, and to the management, you are the representative of the condo association.

Here are five common condo board responsibilities, and how you can turn a boring meeting into your chance to be a superhero (cape not included).

1. Communication with Residents

This may be one of the most frequent tasks preformed as a board member. In large condo associations, the board members are the liaison between residents and property managers. Garbage isn’t getting picked up regularly? The pool hasn’t been cleaned in two months? Just as concerned citizens reach out to comic book superheroes, you’ll hear about it, and it’s your job to resolve these issues with the property manager.

Condo association meetings are the focal point for this communication, but it isn’t unheard of to get voicemails, emails, texts, or the occasional note slipped under your door.

So how do you keep this all together? Take notes, use an app (like Evercondo) to keep tabs on everything, or talk to more experienced condo board members to see what tips and tricks they can offer. All superheroes learn from something or someone!


2. Communication with the Property Manager

This falls hot on the heels of communication with residents. Condo board responsibilities include taking concerns and complaints from the residents to the property manager. In turn, you’ll also need to relay information from the property manager back to condo residents.

This is where organization comes in especially handy. It’s reasonable for some things to take time. But how long has it been since Donald mentioned the broken lock on the pool gate? Did you tell the manager about Jackie’s cracked sidewalk three days ago? Or was that three weeks ago?

Again, having organized notes or tools for tracking issues is what will give you superhero strength. You can’t be solving condo resident’s problems without skills, can you?. Oh, and Jackie’s sidewalk? That was three days ago, and you just followed up with management, thanks to your good organization. That repair is scheduled for early next week. Good job, superhero.


3. Financial Responsibility

One of the key condo board responsibilities is the financial management of condo fees, including budgeting for repairs, maintenance, and emergencies. Residents are contributing to this budget each month, and you can be sure they want to know what is happening with that money.

In a small condo association, the use of funds might be pretty obvious. In a large condo association, however, a resident in one section of the neighborhood may have no idea about repairs, maintenance, or upgrades occurring in another part of the condo neighborhood.

Make financial discussions part of your condo board responsibilities; don’t wait for residents to ask.Distributing a printout of expenses, credits, and bank statements will go a long way in helping your neighbors feel secure in the capabilities of the condo board. They might even bring a cape for you to wear at the next meeting.


4. Maintain the Premises

Condo grounds need upkeep. Grass needs to be cut, parking areas need to cleaned, plants need to be watered – you get the picture. There’s a lot that needs to happen to keep things looking good. And while this task is not something you have to do yourself, it does fall under the condo board responsibilities to make sure this all gets done.

Again, though, in large condo complexes, your eyes can’t be everywhere. Among the condo board responsibilities is giving residents an easy way to notify someone when they notice something that needs a repair. You could do this through a condo board email address, or even a private social media group.

Of course, the Evercondo app allows residents to request maintenance. In fact, that request could even be set up to go directly to the property manager. When the work is complete, we’ll even send a notification back to residents. BAM! Superhero status, and you don’t even need to lift a finger or fly into the night sky.


5. Engaging the Residents

At its core, a condo association is a community. Members of the association must work together to create a comfortable space for everyone to live. There are a number of ways to do this, from holding official or unofficial meetings, parties, or networking events for residents.

One of the best ways to create a community is to do something fun together. And you can probably plan an event with inexpensive resources right in your area. Schedule an outdoor day with barbecues and kids’ games. You might invite an ice cream truck to stop by, hire a face painter, or even a magician to perform. Better yet – maybe one of the condo residents has a secret past as a face painter and would be willing to volunteer.

When your community is out, having fun, and getting to know their neighbors, you’ll really look like a superhero. Make sure you don the proper disguise to blend in with the common folk.

And just in case you need some help with that superhero title, bring up the Evercondo app at your next meeting. We’ll help you streamline communications between residents and management, by bringing the power of the internet and mobile technology to your condo. Contact us to learn why we are the preferred communication tool in over 300,000 condos worldwide, and how we can help you with our hassle-free and cost-effective online platform.

Do you have tips for a new condo board member? Let us know in the comments.